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A cell phone video captured a violent brawl that took place outside Dodger Stadium on Tuesday night following the Los Angeles Dodgers’ loss to the Minnesota Twins.

Jonathan Lopez of Norwalk, who witnessed the fight, spoke to KTLA 5 News reporter MaryBeth McDade about the incident.

According to Lopez, the brawl occurred around 10:18 PM near the centerfield entrance.

He explained that he and approximately 70 family members had attended the game to celebrate his cousin’s return from the Air Force, but they unexpectedly became witnesses to the altercation.

Lopez described the scene, stating that individuals started pushing each other, and some appeared to be intoxicated.

He mentioned that security eventually intervened and broke up the fight, but one man was left unconscious on the ground and had to be carried away on a stretcher.

The incident is not the first violent altercation that Lopez has witnessed at Dodger Stadium.

He expressed concern over the escalating nature of such incidents, mentioning that he has seen previous fights in person that have become increasingly severe over time.

The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) stated that they were unaware of any fights at Dodger Stadium on the mentioned night.

KTLA 5 News reached out to the Dodgers for a statement but had not received a response at the time of reporting.

As tensions continue to rise at Dodger Stadium, fans are becoming increasingly concerned about the safety and security of attending games.

The viral nature of videos depicting fights between fans at the stadium over the years has further highlighted the issue.

Reporting live from Norwalk, MaryBeth McDade concluded her report, leaving viewers waiting for updates and hoping for a resolution to the ongoing problem of violence at Dodger Stadium.

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