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A shocking incident of violence unfolded at Grant Union High School, as captured in a video that has sparked calls for change from the president of the local neighborhood association.

The footage depicts a brutal fight breaking out among high school students, with the vice principal attempting to intervene and stop the altercation.

The video, which has since gone viral, shows fists flying and chaos ensuing, with the vice principal, dressed in tan pants, bravely stepping in to break up the violent confrontation.

Unfortunately, the altercation escalates to the point where a Grant High School student appears to lose consciousness, collapsing on the hard pavement.

Ramona Landeros, the president of the Juanita Juarez Neighborhood Association, expressed her emotional response to witnessing the incident and highlighted the callousness of the assault, emphasizing that the victim is someone’s child.

Landeros believes that such acts of violence are not confined to the school grounds and fears that they may spill over into the surrounding neighborhood streets.

Grant High School, where the incident occurred, falls under the jurisdiction of the Twin Rivers school district, and Landeros, who previously served on its board, mentioned that the school has its own police department.

Both fighters involved in the fight have been taken into custody and placed in juvenile hall.

The incident has prompted demands for transparency and action.

Landeros stresses the importance of addressing these issues, as she believes they persist beyond the school hours, indicating that the problems do not end when the final bell rings at 3:00 p.m.

It is worth noting that Grant High School has faced violence before, as evidenced by a shooting incident that took place in the parking lot during a football game last season.

Despite the challenges faced, Landeros encourages a focus on moving forward, emphasizing that success can be achieved by concentrating on where one is heading.

CBS13 reached out to school administrators for comment regarding this specific fight, but they declined, citing student confidentiality.

This brutal high school fight has raised concerns about safety within the school and sparked a broader discussion about addressing and preventing violence among students.

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