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Family, friends, and neighbors gathered in Little Village on Wednesday afternoon to hold a vigil for Rosa Chacon, a 21-year-old woman whose body was found tied up and dumped in a shopping cart in an alley off West 24th Place and Western Avenue on Wednesday morning.

Chacon’s body was discovered on what would have been her 22nd birthday.

According to Chacon’s family, they felt that Chicago Police did little to help find her.

“I went to lunch industry looking for her every day from what 11 to five I think,” said a family member.

Currently, detectives are only describing her case as a death investigation.

Community members are also seeking answers about the death of another woman, a 20-year-old from Guatemala, who was shot in the head and found in an alley.

Chacon’s loved ones released 1,223 balloons in her honor as they continue to demand justice for her and the other woman whose death remains unsolved.

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