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Victim of Serial Peeping Tom Comes Forward in Issaquah

A victim of a serial peeper in Issaquah has come forward, sharing her story with the police.

The barista, Kara Zabarista, at Amazonia Cafe drive-through coffee shop on Northwest Sammamish Road, reported that the incident occurred on February 23rd near a parking lot in broad daylight.

She was working alone at the time, and the man matched the description given by the police in connection with earlier peeping incidents – a middle-aged man with medium skin tone wearing a tan or dark jacket and riding a bike.

While the police cannot arrest the suspect as no victims have come forward until now, Kara worries that the man will eventually do something worse if allowed to continue his behavior.

She also expresses concern about the forested areas in Issaquah, which can make the perfect place to surprise someone.

Although the man was in a public space and only had his hands down his pants rather than exposing himself to her, Kara believes that voyeurism is a form of mental health issue and that the man needs help before he does hurt someone.

She hopes that by sharing her story, she can make people more aware, especially those on the trail.

The alleged peeper left his bike behind, which could make him less mobile, and investigators are still building their case against him.

If anyone has any information or home security video, they are urged to contact Issaquah police.

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