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In a recent incident at JFK Airport in Jamaica, Queens, a van collided with a Delta Airlines bus, leaving multiple people injured.

The crash not only caused injuries but also resulted in a traffic backup on the roads leading to the airport terminals, potentially causing passengers to miss their flights or face delays.

Anthony Carlo provides a report from Jamaica Hospital, where the victims are being treated.

Authorities have revealed that there were no passengers on the Delta Air Lines bus when it was struck.

It appears that most, if not all, of the 15 injured individuals were traveling in the airport commuter van, which was the other vehicle involved in the collision.

Newscopter 7 captured the severity of the crash and the significant impact it had on the morning commute in and around JFK Airport.

The authorities explain that the blue Delta bus, used to transport employees to the airport, had broken down and was awaiting repairs when the black commuter van contracted by American Airlines crashed into it.

The incident took place on the northbound expressway near Exit A at approximately 5:20 AM, leading to a temporary closure of the roadway near the airport.

Several emergency vehicles, including Port Authority Police, were present at the scene, diverting traffic to the airport service road.

According to John Del Giorno’s report, the primary effect of the crash was on traffic leaving JFK Airport, resulting in a backup at the terminals and causing delays for passengers needing to catch their flights.

Authorities confirm that a total of 15 people were injured, with one person being seriously hurt.

Fortunately, there is good news regarding the incident, but it is not provided in the given information.

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