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Utah State Legislature Extends State of Emergency for Flooding

In a special session held today, the Utah State Legislature voted to extend Governor Spencer Cox’s state of emergency declaration for flooding until mid-August.

The decision comes as the state continues to grapple with the aftermath of heavy rainfall and the threat of further flooding.

Lawmakers unanimously supported the extension, recognizing the urgent need to address the ongoing challenges posed by flooding.

Governor Cox had initially allocated $5 million for flood mitigation efforts, but the unexpected severity of the situation has prompted an additional $40 million in funding.

Parts of Utah, including the Ogden, Spanish Fork, and Salt Lake City areas, have already experienced flooding, and with significant amounts of snowpack remaining in the mountains, the risk of further flooding looms.

The forecast for the coming weeks indicates above-normal temperatures, which could contribute to the melting of snow and exacerbate the situation.

Governor Cox expressed optimism about the allocated funds, stating that they will greatly aid in managing the crisis.

He emphasized the collaborative efforts between his office and the Legislature in determining the necessary funding, taking into account the weather conditions and the resources already expended.

In addition to the extension of the state of emergency, lawmakers are also addressing other matters during this special session.

They are making minor adjustments to bills that were passed in the previous legislative session, ensuring compliance with federal gun laws and extending benefits for firefighters.

As the session concludes, more details will be provided regarding the decisions made and the impact they will have on the state’s response to the flooding.

The Utah State Legislature remains committed to safeguarding the well-being of its citizens and will continue working in coordination with Governor Cox’s administration to mitigate the effects of the ongoing flooding crisis.

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