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Parents in Utah County are expressing their opposition to the potential closure of several schools in the Alpine School District at the end of this school year.

The closure of five elementary schools, including Lehi, Valley View, Linden, Windsor, and Sharon, has been recommended after an extensive district-wide boundary study.

The announcement was made at a board meeting on February 28th, catching parents off guard.

The district has cited concerns over seismic safety and declining enrollment, as well as the availability of space at neighboring schools.

However, parents are urging the district to listen to their concerns and give them the chance to fundraise and rebuild their beloved community schools.

Students and parents alike are worried about the impact that closures would have on their families and communities, and hope that a solution can be found to keep their schools open for years to come.

Feedback on boundaries and closures can be given on the Fox 13 News website.

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