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In Utah, a legal battle between two cookie companies, Crumbl and Dirty Dough, has reached federal court.

Crumbl is accusing Dirty Dough of stealing their recipes and copying their business model, and is seeking an injunction to prevent Dirty Dough from opening new franchises or continuing to operate.

Crumbl alleges that Dirty Dough obtained their recipes and other confidential documents through an ex-employee, who is the brother of Dirty Dough’s owner.

However, Dirty Dough denies any wrongdoing and accuses Crumbl of attempting to crush competition.

The judge has reached an agreement for Dirty Dough and the ex-employee to return the documents, but a ruling on the rest of Crumbl’s request is pending.

This legal battle between the two cookie companies has put the future expansion of Dirty Dough at risk.

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