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The U.S Virgin Islands is alleging that JPMorgan aided Jeffrey Epstein in his sex crimes, and in a courtroom hearing last night, attorneys for the U.S Virgin Islands directly targeted JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon.

The bank has already sued its former executive Jess Staley, alleging that if there was any Epstein-related wrongdoing, it was done by Staley without the knowledge of other executives.

However, the U.S Virgin Islands attorneys argued that if Staley is a rogue employee, then Dimon should also be considered one, and that JPMorgan broke every rule to facilitate Epstein’s sex trafficking.

JP Morgan has argued that Dimon had no specific knowledge of Epstein’s accounts at the bank, but the USVI claims there will be numerous documents in the case that go beyond Staley’s office “to the executive suite.” A federal judge has sided with the USVI on one point, allowing them to bring a case on behalf of anyone who was a resident there.

The case is expected to continue through the fall.

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