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Shop for a Cause at ‘Upscale Resale’ in Laguna Hills

A thrift store in Laguna Hills is making a positive impact on the community by offering second-hand items for sale.

Known as Upscale Resale, this store provides great deals on quality items while supporting a worthy cause.

The thrift store aims to address issues like hunger and homelessness in the local area.

During a recent interview, the store’s representative expressed gratitude to the community for their support in achieving the mission of combating hunger and homelessness.

The funds raised through the thrift store go towards purchasing food for those in need, as well as providing assistance to keep people in their homes.

Upscale Resale has been serving the community for over 30 years, driven by the vision of its founder who recognized the need for such support.

The store embraces the diversity of the community, catering to both affluent individuals and those striving to make ends meet.

Shopping at Upscale Resale not only allows customers to find unique designer items they may not be able to afford elsewhere but also enables them to contribute to a good cause.

The store manager, Bunny ICU, highlighted the wide range of items available at Upscale Resale.

Donations of new and gently used clothing, kitchen goods, home decor, vintage items, and even broken jewelry are accepted.

Items that cannot be sold in the store are donated to other organizations that assist the less fortunate.

When asked about the most fulfilling part of her job, Bunny expressed the satisfaction of making a difference in people’s lives.

Over her 34-year tenure, she has witnessed the impact they have had on the community.

The store frequently receives items with price tags still attached, reflecting the high-end brands available at significantly reduced prices compared to retail stores.

The success of Upscale Resale is attributed to the unwavering support from the community.

The store’s popularity among affluent individuals leads to the donation of high-quality items.

This enables shoppers to find exceptional bargains while helping those in need.

The interview concluded with a call to action for the public to get involved.

Donations of clothing and monetary contributions are encouraged to support the store’s mission.

Additionally, volunteering and spreading the word about the store’s services can provide assistance to those who require help.

For more information, visit the website or check out their Instagram page.

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