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Upper East Side Launches “Curb Your Dog” Contest to Encourage Cleanliness

The Upper East Side of New York City is launching a “curb your dog” contest to encourage residents to clean up after their pets.

The initiative is being led by local councilwoman Julie Menon, who has received an increasing number of complaints about dog waste on sidewalks and in parks.

The contest is open to residents of District 5 on the Upper East Side and invites them to submit creative graphic designs and slogans for Menon’s new cleanup campaign.

While there has been a “curb your dog” law in place since 1978, which fines individuals $250 for failing to clean up after their pets, the contest aims to provide a refresh for locals who may be more likely to pay attention to a creative reminder.

The winning design will be displayed across the Upper East Side, including apartment buildings, schools, and parks.

The contest runs until April 22nd, and the winner will be announced on May 1st.

Menon hopes that the “curb your dog” contest will encourage pet owners to take responsibility for their furry friends and clean up after them.

Having a dog is a big responsibility, and if someone chooses to take on that responsibility, they should own up to it and pick up their dog’s waste.

The initiative serves as a friendly and creative reminder for residents to be mindful of their pets’ mess and help keep the Upper East Side clean.

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