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Unsettled Weather Brings Scattered Showers and Mild Temperatures Across California

The state of California is experiencing unsettled weather today, with scattered showers and mild temperatures in many areas.

SkyCam 8 provides a view of the current conditions, which include rain in some regions.

The map shows current temperatures across the state, with some areas experiencing cooler temperatures than others.

The forecast temperatures for the next few days are also shown on the map, with mild conditions expected to persist.

Satellite and radar imagery reveals where storm systems, clouds, and rain have been over California for the last 12 hours.

Flood alerts have been issued in some areas where flooding is possible, and winter storm warnings are in effect in some regions as well.

Satellite infrared images show where the storm systems, clouds, and rain have been over the Pacific Ocean for the last 12 hours.

Clouds and rain are expected to continue throughout the day, with forecast rain amounts indicating how much rainfall can be expected with this storm.

High temperatures for the day are expected to remain mild, and the KSBW 8-day high temperature forecast shows that this trend is likely to continue.

The 8-day low temperature forecast also shows that mild temperatures will persist, with some areas experiencing cooler conditions at night.

Residents across California are advised to stay alert and take precautions if necessary due to the unsettled weather conditions.

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