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Mother Arrested as Son Severely Beaten, While She Gets Nails Done Survivor of Terrifying Machete Attack Testifies in Tampa Trial

Unreal Engine’s Mega Marketplace Sale is in full swing, with over 15,000 products available at discounts of up to 70% off.

This is a great opportunity to find high-quality assets for your projects, including characters, environments, game systems, and more.

The sale will end on May 7th at 11:59 PM Eastern, so don’t miss out on the chance to save and take your projects to the next level.

Additionally, the UE Marketplace is offering May’s monthly content, featuring VFX magic, portal systems, and Advanced Photo Mode.

In a recent interview, Developer Arkane Austin discussed its approach to bringing immersive sim gameplay and narrative worldbuilding to Redfall, an all-new co-op FPS.

The team used the Gameplay Ability System and performance profiling to make the game shine.

Moving on to the Community Spotlight, Teravision Game’s Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game offers a new take on the asymmetrical multiplayer horror experience.

Playwood Project’s Successor is a challenging rogue-lite strategy game that blends real-time battles with tactical elements.

And CG Artist Artem Vaganov’s Hunters Cabin at the Lake, created using Unreal Engine 5, Quixel Megascans, and the UE Marketplace, provides a serene ambiance with beautiful mountains and attention to the smallest details.

That’s all for this week’s News and Community Spotlight.

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