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Mary Kay has some great news for you- the clouds from last night are moving away and today will be filled with unlimited sunshine. The sun will rise at 6:36 am and by 10:00 am through lunchtime, the area can expect mostly sunny skies. Gusty southerly winds will push temperatures above average into the 50s, and tonight the skies will remain clear with a slight breeze coming from the Southwest. The reason for this wind flow is a high-pressure ridge over the Eastern Lakes, causing the winds to circulate clockwise.

As a result, we are experiencing southerly winds that bring in milder air. Currently, there is cloud cover due to a weak disturbance, but no rain is expected. As we progress through the day, the clouds will dissipate and make way for sunshine.

The temperature in Milwaukee is 46° while Madison has cloud cover at 42°, but the clouds will break up and give way to sunshine with temperatures reaching 39°. This disturbance will continue to move away, allowing for clearing near the Quad Cities.

The clearing will extend to our area as the day progresses. Highs will reach 56° in Gary, 57° in kakei and Joliet, and around 58° in the Barington Shamburg area. With the clearing of the clouds, winds will also increase in strength.

Futurecast shows how the clouds will gradually disappear, leaving us with full sunshine and a temperature of 60° in the Quad City’s Poria and 62° in Quincy. This air mass will continue to influence the start of the work week, resulting in warmer temperatures. Monday morning will start with clear skies and temperatures hovering in the upper 30s. The wind flow will be responsible for warming us up, with gusts reaching 20 to 25 miles per hour.

Highs will remain warmer than average throughout the 7-day forecast, with temperatures reaching the 60-degree mark on Tuesday and potentially the middle 60s in the suburbs on Wednesday and Thursday. There is a small chance of showers on Friday, with a 30% chance of rain. However, even after the front passes through, it will not bring extremely cold temperatures..

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