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The University of Tennessee has banned the use of popular social media platform Tik Tok on its computer networks.

The decision was made in compliance with a new state law signed by Governor Lee on Thursday, which prohibits public colleges in Tennessee from allowing users to access Chinese-based social media platforms through school networks.
Although the ban does not prevent students or staff from having Tik Tok accounts or accessing the platform while on campus, they will no longer be able to use UT’s network to do so.

The university has stated that users can still connect to the platform using cellular networks or private Wi-Fi.
In addition to Tik Tok, the ban also applies to a list of other Chinese apps.

Lawmakers in Tennessee passed the new law last month, citing concerns over the security and privacy of user data on Chinese-based social media platforms.
The University of Tennessee’s decision to ban Tik Tok from its computer networks is part of a growing trend among educational institutions in the US to limit access to certain social media platforms.

The move comes amid increasing scrutiny over the influence of foreign entities on social media and concerns over the security of user data.

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