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University of Houston Students and the family of Tyler Medina, a 19-year-old student who died by suicide on Monday, are demanding action from the University following the second apparent suicide in about a month.

Tyler was studying psychology in his first semester at the University of Houston when he jumped from the Agnes Arnold Hall in the middle of the day.

His family believes that if Tyler didn’t have access to the building, he would have given himself a chance to call one of his family members or friends, and it would have changed his decision.

Jacob Medina, Tyler’s brother, said that they were “incredibly blindsided” by his death.

In February, another student also died by suicide in the same building, and students feel that the university has not done enough to protect the students.

They are organizing a peaceful protest outside the library to demand changes to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

The students also want the school to invest in more mental health resources, as they feel that what they have is not enough.

Only 20 people are servicing 48,000 students.

The University of Houston has enhanced security at the building and says that classes at Agnes Arnold Hall will be remote for the rest of the week.

Starting on Monday, classes will be relocated for the rest of the semester.

The university is offering 24/7 counseling services, and counseling details are posted on the school’s Twitter account.

The protests are scheduled to take place at the library at 4 pm and will go on until 7 PM.

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