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Graduation Season at University of Houston Celebrates Future Educators

Houston, TX – It’s graduation season at the University of Houston, and the excitement is palpable as hundreds of aspiring educators prepare to walk across the stage.

The commencement ceremony for the College of Education is set to take place at the Fertitta Center tonight at 7 o’clock.

Amidst the buzz and anticipation, KHOU 11 News reporter Zach Tatari is live at the event, capturing the enthusiasm of the graduates and their loved ones.

Tatari spoke with Sidney Davis and her friend Stephanie, both about to embark on their journey as educators.

Davis expressed her excitement, revealing that she had been eagerly anticipating this moment for the past two years.

She mentioned their participation in a cohort for the Cypress Fairbanks district, where they worked alongside fellow educators.

Davis sees this graduation as the culmination of their hard work and the start of their future roles as administrators.

When asked about their motivation to pursue a career in education, Stephanie chimed in, emphasizing that it provided them with an opportunity to shape the future and leave a lasting legacy of great educators.

They both expressed their desire to change lives through their work, inspired by the educators who had made a positive impact on their own lives.

The commencement ceremony will witness over 150 teaching student graduates tonight, each ready to embark on their educational journeys.

Tatari and the KHOU 11 News team are looking forward to bringing inspiring personal stories from these graduates as they celebrate this joyous occasion.

As the University of Houston education graduates prepare to walk the stage, their hard work, dedication, and aspirations serve as a reminder of the impact they will have on future generations.

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