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In Illinois, Union Joe is preparing to meet with UAW president Shan Feain and other union leaders. The president’s green agenda is expected to result in job losses for union members.

Biden’s push for electric vehicles (EVs) has been criticized as socialism for the wealthy by the New York Post. EJ Antony, a research fellow and economist at the Heritage Foundation, joins us to discuss the issue.

According to Antony, even if someone doesn’t plan on buying an EV, they are still indirectly paying thousands of dollars to support others who own EVs. This is due to government subsidies and handouts, ranging from the mining and manufacturing of EV components to the charging infrastructure.

Thus, taxpayers are essentially funding EV owners. Antony finds it surprising that the president is meeting with UAW workers while his green agenda may lead to job losses in their industry. He emphasizes that the average price of EVs is significantly higher than gas-powered vehicles, and Americans have shown a preference for traditional vehicles due to their reliability, long-distance capabilities, and affordability. Despite the government’s substantial financial support, the demand for EVs remains low.

Antony argues that electric vehicles require fewer man-hours to assemble, which means that UAW members may face unemployment due to Biden’s EV mandates. Additionally, the true cost of charging an EV is much higher than what EV advocates claim. The subsidies, tax credits, and handouts received by EV owners significantly reduce the actual cost of charging, making it closer to 7 dollars per gallon of gasoline, rather than the claimed equivalent of $1.21.

Antony asserts that this situation represents true socialism, as owners only pay a fraction of the actual cost to charge their vehicles..

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