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Unhoused individuals living along a stretch of Coyote Creek in San Jose are being forced to relocate due to a new flood protection project.

Approximately 150 people were seen packing up their campsites over the weekend in preparation for their eviction on Monday.

The individuals, who have been receiving notices over the past couple of weeks, expressed concerns about not having anywhere else to go once they are forced out.

The unhoused population along Coyote Creek consists of people living in RVs, cars, tents, and on the streets.

While some have been promised housing and are on waitlists, the city has been unable to construct tiny homes quickly enough to accommodate everyone.

One resident, who has called the creek home for the past 20 years, lamented the situation, emphasizing that there are no alternatives for them.

Residents and activists worry that those affected will either be scattered or end up in temporary tiny homes, only to be back on the streets after six months due to the lack of permanent supportive housing options.

The four-mile stretch of Coyote Creek is where the eviction will take place.

This move comes after the Santa Clara County Water District reached an agreement last month, providing San Jose with $4.8 million to relocate the unhoused population and connect them with shelter and services.

The water district intends to begin constructing flood walls as early as this summer.

Many of the individuals facing eviction expressed their plans to move to the next available area, which could include commercial parking lots, neighborhoods, or other streets.

The displacement of unhoused individuals along Coyote Creek highlights the ongoing challenges faced by cities in addressing homelessness and providing adequate support for vulnerable populations.

Further details about the agreement and the relocation process are expected to be released by the district later today.

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