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Osbi Issues Warning To Parents Of Predators On Social Media And Video Games Ukrainian Troops Successfully Trap Russian Tank in Minefield near Ugledar

Welcome to Lena News! In breaking news, Ukrainian troops have trapped a Russian tank into a minefield near Ugledar just moments ago.

The Russian Armed Forces have been less aggressive in their attacks on Vuhledar in the Donetsk region over the past week.

However, it appears that the conflict with the Wagner PMC has caused the Russian Ministry of Defense to attempt to advance in the area persistently.

The UK Ministry of Defense shared the same assumption, posting a new intelligence report on March 16 regarding the situation in Ukraine.

Russian offensive operations on Vuhledar have slowed down, according to the report.

For the past three months, Russian forces have attempted to capture the town through costly and failed attacks.

Scouts believe that the successful use of remote anti-tank mines, supplied by the US, played a role in Ukraine’s success.

These mines can create anti-tank minefields up to 17 kilometers away from the combat unit.

In some cases, Ukrainian forces have set up traps both in front of and behind Russian military equipment, causing confusion when the Russian forces attempted to retreat.

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