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Welcome to Lena News! In breaking news today, Ukrainian armed forces are compressing Russian soldiers at two points! The Ukrainian army is besieging Russian forces from three directions, while the Russian army continues its fierce attack in the hottest direction of the entire front line, which is in Bakmut.

At two points, the Russian army is facing problems as the Ukrainian armed forces are pressing on them there.

Military expert, retired Ukrainian army colonel, and pilot trainer Roman Svitlan analyzed the map of the hostile operations for Channel 24.

He is convinced that the Russian forces will not encircle Bakmut.

According to Svitlan, some tactical operational operations are currently taking place in the Bakmut area.

The Ukrainian armed forces have successfully fought against the “Claw,” which is trying to cut off Ukrainian supply chains to the city from the north to the south.

A colonel in the Ukrainian armed forces said, “There are positive moments from the north of Bakmut.” Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more breaking news.

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