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Just 3 minutes ago, Ukrainian troops blew up a Russian military base in Berdyansk, according to local reports.

The explosion was so powerful that residents in nearby areas, including Kolonia and Slubodka, reported hearing loud booms and feeling tremors.

It is believed that the Russian military equipment was located on the grounds of the Dormash factory in the small town of Kolonia.

However, there have been no major changes on the front lines in Volyn, Polissya, Severshchyna, or Slobozhanshchyna.

The Russians continue to hold their units in adjacent areas to Ukraine, but there have been no signs of Russian attack groups.

Mayor Ivan Fedorov of Melitopol confirmed the explosion, stating that it occurred on the evening of March 17 in the temporarily occupied Berdyansk.

The local population reported hearing two loud explosions, and there were reports of damage to nearby buildings.

Further details are still emerging, and we will keep you updated as the situation develops.

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