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Shocking Development on Map of Ukraine! Russians Repelled from Donetsk!

The war in Ukraine took a surprising turn in the past 24 hours as the Ukrainian Army demonstrated a remarkable resistance against the Russian forces.

The occupation of Ukraine, initiated by President Putin’s order, has persisted for 15 months, but the Ukrainian Army, once believed to be swiftly defeated, has proven itself in a historic display of resilience.

In their latest attempt to advance in the eastern region of Ukraine, the Russian Army suffered significant losses.

Over the course of the past day, the Russian forces launched a barrage of attacks on multiple fronts.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armored Forces released a report detailing the recent developments.

According to the report, the enemy targeted civilian infrastructure in Costa nifka, Donetskoplast, with 300 missiles.

Additionally, they carried out 45 air strikes and fired from multiple rocket systems at the positions of Ukrainian troops and settlements in Carson oblast.

These relentless attacks resulted in 53 civilian injuries, along with the destruction and damage of private houses and other civilian structures.

The report also highlights the ongoing threat of missile and air supply across Ukraine, as the enemy continues to employ terror tactics.

Despite these challenges, the Ukrainian Army successfully repelled 39 enemy attacks, particularly in the towns of Layman Batman and Marinka.

The battle for control over Batman and Marinka rages on, with both sides fiercely engaged.

The developments in Ukraine have garnered worldwide attention due to their fast-paced and reliable dissemination.

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