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In the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, the Ukrainian Army has demonstrated its determination by launching a series of successful operations against the Russian Army.

Equipped with advanced weaponry and support from Western countries, the Ukrainian Army continues to deal heavy blows to its Russian counterpart, resulting in significant losses for the enemy.

Recent reports from the Ukrainian defense Ministry indicate that the Russian Army has suffered heavy defeats, particularly on the frontline of bombardment.

Taking advantage of this vulnerability, the Ukrainian Army has managed to advance two kilometers in Bahamut, a notable achievement in their efforts.

In the past 24 hours, the Ukrainian Army conducted offensive operations targeting Russian military installations.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has shared information regarding these strikes.

According to their report, Ukrainian aircraft carried out 14 airstrikes on areas where Russian military personnel and equipment were concentrated.

Additionally, the Ukrainian missile and artillery units successfully hit 11 command posts, 19 troop concentrations, one Ammunition Depot, one fuel and lubricant Depot, nine artillery units and firing positions, one air defense system, and two other significant enemy targets.

These successful operations by the Ukrainian Army reflect their unwavering commitment to defending their country against Russian aggression.

The news of their advancements and effective strikes is being reported swiftly and reliably worldwide.

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