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Reportedly, after 435 days of war in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army has launched a counter-offensive towards Orikhiv, according to sources.

The Russian media reported an offensive of Ukraine in Zaporzhye Oblast.

In a related development, the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) detained a Russian informer who was spying on the combat aircraft of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The perpetrator was a resident of Crimea, who received a passport of Russian citizenship and voluntarily entered the military register of the Russian country.

He was mobilized to the Armed Forces of Ukraine in 2022 for this purpose.

He spied on the movement of combat aircraft, the positions of the Ukrainian air defence system, and storage points with ammunition and fuel and lubricants of the Defence Forces.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has expressed confidence that the International Criminal Court at The Hague will convict Russian President Vladimir Putin for war crimes committed in Ukraine.

Zelenskyy emphasized that Ukraine cannot accept a hybrid peace that would see the suspension of hostilities on the front.

Meanwhile, the Kremlin’s press service said that Ukrainian drones “attempted to launch an attack” on the residence of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin, but Kyiv denied all accusations.

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