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Two minutes ago, a great victory was achieved by the Ukrainian Army as they reported killing 750 Russian soldiers.

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has resulted in continuous losses for both armies.

However, the Russian army’s casualties far exceed those of the Ukrainian army.

Russia’s decision to invade Ukrainian territory has led to significant daily losses for their soldiers.

Despite Russia’s advancements on various fronts, the Ukrainian Army remains resilient in defending their territory.

Today marks the 443rd day of the war, and the clashes between the Russian and Ukrainian armies have been relentless.

The Ukrainian Army has successfully defended against the Russian forces and achieved notable results in both defense and offense.

Their unwavering resistance has prevented the occupation of their territory.

Equipped with modern weapons acquired from the West, the Ukrainian Army continues to counter the Russian army from both land and sea.

On this 443rd day of the war, the Russian army suffered a loss of 750 soldiers.

Their losses continue to escalate as they face heavy casualties on a daily basis.

We will strive to report the daily losses of the Russian army promptly and accurately to deliver reliable news worldwide.

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