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Title: Ukrainian and Russian Delegates Clash at Black Sea Summit in Turkey

Date: May 6, 2023

During a high-level meeting of Black Sea countries held in the Turkish capital Ankara, tensions escalated between Ukrainian and Russian delegates, resulting in a physical altercation that required their separation.

The incident unfolded when the Russian delegate, Secretary Larry Stawinski, snatched the Ukrainian flag, which was being held for a photo opportunity by a Ukrainian delegate.

In response, the Ukrainian delegate, Senator Ski, swiftly reclaimed the flag before engaging in a heated exchange and exchanging punches with Stawinski.

The meeting, intended to foster diplomatic relations and address key regional issues, had a significant focus on salvaging the strained relationship between Ukraine and Russia.

The Green Deal between the two nations was among the topics on the agenda.

Despite the scuffle, diplomats and representatives from other participating countries attempted to mediate and restore order.

The United Nations ambassador present at the summit acknowledged the incident but emphasized that efforts were underway to salvage the meeting’s objectives and promote dialogue between Ukraine and Russia.

Further details regarding the outcome of the scuffle and the subsequent impact on the summit were not immediately available.

Source: WGN Evening News at 6 – “Ukraine delegate hits Russian at Black Sea summit in Turkey” (…)

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