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Tensions continue to rise in the ongoing Ukraine-Russia war, with NATO’s recent statement about the city of Bakhmut sparking a sharp response from Ukraine.

In the statement, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg suggested that Bakhmut, located in eastern Ukraine, could fall to Russian forces in the coming days following months of intense fighting.

A spokesperson for the Eastern grouping of Ukraine’s Armed Forces, Sharabati, responded to Stoltenberg’s remarks, expressing skepticism about NATO’s understanding of the situation on the ground.

Sharabati noted that NATO’s previous involvement in conflicts had been on a much smaller scale, primarily focused on stabilization and peacekeeping efforts.

Despite NATO’s statement, Sharabati remained confident in Ukraine’s resilience and ability to make strategic decisions in unconventional ways.

While acknowledging the need to treat NATO’s statements with respect, Sharabati emphasized the importance of understanding the complexities of the situation and cautioned against relying solely on outside sources for reliable news.

As tensions continue to mount in the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the world will be closely watching for further developments.

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