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Ukraine Launches Counterattack on Russian Positions in Great Offensive

The Ukrainian army has launched a major offensive against Russian positions, with counterattacks at various points along the front lines.

Reports indicate that the Ukrainian army attacked the Novozlatopil and Vasylivka regions with the goal of avoiding a concentrated assault.

Russian sources in the region have reported that the attacks were relatively light and non-destructive.

Analysts believe that such attacks are not intended to completely destroy Russian positions or troops.

After bombarding other areas such as Mirena Doro sininka, the Ukrainian army followed up with air strikes in the same region.

Attack helicopters were also deployed to support artillery strikes.

Counterattacks are expected to continue along the front lines in the coming weeks.

This suggests that these smaller offensives may be preparation for a larger offensive in the near future, possibly by the end of spring or early summer.

The Ukrainian army is targeting old areas considered “grey zones,” including the southern part of Kaminsky and the entire Leopold line.

By clearing these areas, the Ukrainian army hopes to identify secure zones up to the enemy positions and reduce the risk of confrontation.

The Ukrainian army is continuing to plan its operations, gathering information through reconnaissance missions to avoid surprises on the battlefield.

Expanding its operations will allow the Ukrainian army to conduct its operations more effectively.

Ukraine continues to fight for its freedom, and it remains to be seen whether the country is truly preparing for a major offensive.

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