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In the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian army has suffered significant losses, with hundreds of soldiers reportedly destroyed by Ukrainian forces.

Today marks the 469th day of the war, which started with Russia’s decision to invade Ukrainian territory.

The Russian army continues to experience higher casualty rates compared to the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian Army remains resilient in defending its territory and has been successful in both defensive and offensive operations.

Equipped with modern weapons purchased from the West, the Ukrainian Army continues to resist the Russian army’s advances from land and sea.

Russia, on the other hand, persists in its campaign to advance on multiple fronts, inflicting heavy losses on the strong Ukrainian defense.

However, the Ukrainian Army remains steadfast, preventing the occupation of its territory.

The Russian army’s losses during the 469 days of war are reported to be substantial, with 880 soldiers lost so far.

The daily losses of Russian soldiers remain high, and detailed reports on their casualties will continue to be provided.

We strive to bring you accurate and timely updates on the losses suffered by the Russian army on a daily basis.

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