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Welcome to Lena News with breaking news that will drive Prigozhin crazy! According to recent reports, the Ukrainian National Guard has destroyed Wagner Mortar Positions.

Military officials demonstrated how they destroyed the facilities of the private military company Wagner with mortar shells in the direction of Bakmut.

Ukrinform reported that the National Guard announced this in Telegram and posted the corresponding video.

The message stated that “Russian mercenaries fired at National Guard positions with 82 mm mortar shells, but in response, the National Guard’s mortar unit delivered a devastating blow with a 120 mm mortar shell.” This is a significant blow to the Wagner Group, which has been accused of operating in various conflict zones around the world, including Syria, Libya, and Ukraine.

On another note, Ukrainian defense forces have reportedly killed around 164,200 Russian soldiers from February 24, 2022, to March 18, 2023.

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