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In a significant victory for Ukraine, the Russian army continues to lose tank battles on Ukrainian territory.

The war between Ukraine and Russia has been ongoing for over a year now since the Russian army entered Ukrainian territory on February 24, 2022.

Putin, who had initially thought the war would not last long, has encountered unexpected Ukrainian resistance.

Ukrainian defense forces have been able to exhaust the Russian army and its equipment, causing Putin to realize that his plan to quickly capture the region and end the war has failed.
The Ukrainian army, which has received support from NATO and other countries, has continued to have success on the battlefields.

The Ukrainian army has been able to destroy Russian tanks with ease, especially with the acquisition of Turkish-made Virat RTB2s and Pyrex RTB2 missiles, which have proved to be effective.

Videos of the destruction of Russian tanks have been circulating on social media and news channels.
Since the beginning of the war on February 21, 2022, Russia has lost 3,653 tanks.

This news is significant for the world as it shows that the Ukrainian army is not backing down, and the conflict is far from over.

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