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UH Mānoa, one of Hawaii’s prominent universities, is embarking on a significant construction project to enhance the student living experience.

The university is investing a staggering $70 million in the development of a state-of-the-art learning center dormitory, with the aim of opening it in time for the fall semester.

Currently, construction is underway for two six-story buildings that will house students.

Each floor of the dormitory will offer various amenities, including a community kitchen to foster social interactions among residents.

Additionally, there will be a café on the ground floor, providing a convenient spot for students to unwind and socialize.

In an effort to make this living arrangement more accessible to students, “Rise,” the name of the new dormitory, will offer over $500,000 in scholarships.

Students who choose to live at Rise will have the opportunity to receive scholarships, including up to $6,000 for the Pace Leaders Program, promoting academic and leadership excellence.

Susan Fujiyama from the Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship expressed her enthusiasm for the project, stating that Rise will provide an environment where students can actively contribute to the campus community and create a welcoming and inviting space for every student.

University officials anticipate that the construction will be completed in time for the fall semester of 2023, with the first student residents expected to move in and settle into their new living arrangements by August.

For more information on this project, interested individuals can visit the website KHON-2-DOT-COM.

In other news, Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke is leading the charge in expanding access to preschool education through Hawaii’s “Ready Keiki” program, further emphasizing the state’s commitment to early childhood education.

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