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Over a hundred Uber drivers went on strike during the second night of Taylor Swift’s era tour at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, protesting for better pay from the company.

Despite Uber offering a 15% surcharge to drivers that night, many decided to turn off their apps in protest.

Lewis Cosby, who has been driving for Uber for nine years, said the company is taking more of his paycheck and organized the strike.

However, the strike did not seem to have much of an impact on riders, as there were still many rideshare drivers around.

In a statement, Uber said that earnings for drivers in Tampa Bay remain high, with the average driver making $25 an hour while active on the app.

The company also partly blamed high insurance rates in Florida for affecting driver pay.

Drivers say they will continue planning strikes until they receive better pay.

Other rideshare options, such as Lyft, were still available to concert-goers, and some drivers even offered cash rides.

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