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Two people were shot at a carnival that took place at Northpoint Mall just before 8 p.m.

The incident prompted a swift response from the police, who arrived at the scene.

The news was reported by FOX 5 Atlanta, although specific details about the incident are still limited.

One of the victims was airlifted to a nearby hospital, while the other was transported via an ambulance.

Their current conditions remain unknown, as does their identity.

Witnesses reported hearing gunshots, causing panic and people to run for safety.

The suspect had fled the scene, and detectives are actively investigating the incident, collecting evidence and interviewing witnesses.

During their investigation, the detectives discovered a handgun at the scene; however, it is yet to be determined who the firearm belonged to.

At this time, the motive behind the shooting remains unclear.

As more information becomes available, FOX 5 News will continue to provide updates on this breaking story.

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