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BREAKING: Two Prisoners Escape From Correctional Center in Philadelphia, Sparking Manhunt

Philadelphia, PA – In a shocking turn of events, two inmates managed to escape from the Philadelphia Industrial Connectional Center, leaving authorities scrambling to locate them.

Among the fugitives is a teenage offender who had previously been accused of a fatal altercation outside the same facility over two years ago, according to investigators.

The incident has raised serious concerns about security and procedures within the correctional center.

The daring escape took place around 8:30 last night, as the prisoners reportedly cut a hole in a fence within the facility’s yard.

However, prison leaders were not alerted until 3:10 this afternoon, nearly 19 hours later.

The delayed response has sparked outrage among officials and the public, who are demanding answers as to how such a security lapse could occur.

Expressing his frustration, the Mayor emphasized, “Clearly the system screwed up, and people didn’t do what they were supposed to do.

We want to find out who is responsible and fix it immediately.” The Mayor’s strong stance reflects the seriousness of the situation and the urgency to bring the escapees back into custody.

The two fugitives were housed in the same unit but held in separate cells.

Shockingly, they managed to evade three separate head counts before their absence was discovered.

The prison leadership has since initiated ongoing patrols to ensure the safety of the facility and prevent any further incidents.

Law enforcement revealed that one of the escapees was originally incarcerated on drug and gun charges, while the other had been in custody since March 2021, facing four counts of homicide, including the alleged killing of Rodney Hargrove Jr.

The Hargrove family, through their attorney, expressed their concern, stating, “The Hargrove family prays nobody else is further harmed now that he is no longer in custody and hopes that he is caught quickly.”

Authorities have issued a plea to the public for assistance in locating the escapees, particularly highlighting the dangerous nature of the inmate charged with multiple homicides.

The investigation into the circumstances surrounding the escape is underway, aiming to identify the factors that led to the security breach and prevent such incidents in the future.

As the manhunt intensifies, law enforcement agencies are working tirelessly to apprehend the fugitives and return them to custody.

The Philadelphia community remains on high alert, with hopes that the swift capture of the escapees will ensure the safety of residents and prevent any potential harm.

Further updates on this developing story will be provided as new information becomes available.

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