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Two people were found dead inside an office building in Salt Lake City, leading to a police investigation into a possible homicide.

The incident occurred on Saturday morning, prompting authorities to respond to the scene.

The office building is located near the Mill Creek area.

According to Salt Lake City Police spokesperson Brent Weisberg, they received a 911 call around 11:15 a.m.

reporting the discovery of a deceased individual inside the Professional Plaza business building, situated off Highland Drive.

Upon further investigation, responders uncovered a second body within the same building.

The identities of the deceased individuals have not been disclosed.

The police have not revealed any information regarding external wounds on the bodies at this time.

However, they are treating the case as a potential criminal matter and are working to determine the timeline of events leading up to the incident, including when the two individuals arrived at the building and the circumstances of their arrival.

Weisberg assured the community that there is currently no believed threat to public safety.

However, if any community members have witnessed anything suspicious or have information related to the incident, they are urged to come forward and report it to the authorities.

Local resident Michele Harris, who recently moved to Hudson Avenue, expressed her shock upon returning home to find her new neighborhood engulfed in a crime scene investigation.

Harris, like many others in the community, is eagerly awaiting further details regarding the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the bodies.

As the investigation unfolds, the police will continue to gather evidence and work towards determining the cause of death and any potential motive behind the incident.

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