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Two brief tornadoes hit Carson, Compton area, causing damage

Two tornadoes swept through the Carson and Compton area on Thursday morning, causing significant damage to businesses and leaving debris scattered around.

According to the National Weather Service, the two separate twisters were both brief but damaging, leaving residents in shock and fear.

In Compton, a tornado hit a residential area just before 9 am, causing debris to fly and damaging homes.

Shortly after, another tornado struck an industrial park in Carson, causing broken car windows and leaving several damaged rooftops at Water Inc, a water filtration company.

Garrett Simmons, a warehouse manager, described the terrifying moment when the roof was ripped off, and debris flew into the warehouse.

“I turned around and walked back in, the ceiling started peeling back, so I ran inside until the girls take cover.

And that was it, lasted about a minute,” he said.

Several neighboring businesses were also damaged, with debris falling off roofs and trees falling on other buildings.

Many lost power as the second tornado hit their neighborhood in Compton.

David Cole, a resident in Compton, recounted the moment he realized what was happening.

“I was actually in a bathroom, and the lights went out.

And all of a sudden, I’m here in a rumbling like a train also cut was going on.

So, you know, of course, I get up, and I look out my window, and I see debris just flying around,” he said.

Despite the damage, there were no reports of any injuries, and authorities are grateful that it wasn’t worse.

“They did touch down, and then also, it’s like a flying my mom’s roof over the top of the in the middle of the street.

Luckily, nobody got hurt that I know because it could have been way worse,” said a local resident.

Residents are now working to clear the debris and repair the damage caused by the two tornadoes.

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