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A two-alarm fire ravaged two businesses in Cockeysville, resulting in the destruction of both establishments and the closure of a major road during rush hour.

The incident, which occurred on Wednesday afternoon, is currently under investigation by the Baltimore County Fire Department.

Firefighters received an emergency call shortly before 3 p.m., directing them to the 10,800 block of York Road.

Upon arrival, thick plumes of smoke were already emanating from a commercial building located in Kharkiv Ville.

The situation quickly escalated as crews battled the raging flames.

Tragically, while engaged in firefighting efforts, a section of the building unexpectedly collapsed.

The intensity of the blaze necessitated the deployment of over 100 firefighters to gain control of the situation.

Despite their valiant efforts, both an Oriental rug company and UT Computer Clinic, housed within the affected building, were completely devastated.

The Baltimore County Fire Department is now actively investigating the cause of the fire, seeking to shed light on the circumstances that led to this destructive incident.

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