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Former presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard has criticized Democratic leaders for prioritizing political gain over children’s physical and psychological health with their transgender policies.

Gabbard argues that these leaders are detached from reality and are promoting a fantasy.

She highlights the results of a Washington Post poll, which indicate that a majority of Americans believe that a person’s gender is determined at birth, oppose transgender individuals participating in women’s sports, and are against teaching gender identity in early education.

Gabbard asserts that it is essential to uphold common sense and reality in society, rather than succumbing to the insanity of such policies.

She attributes her departure from the Democratic party to its endorsement of this fantasy and its willingness to cater to it for political power.

Gabbard expresses concern about the negative consequences, both physical and psychological, that can arise from attempting to turn this fantasy into reality, particularly with children.

She also criticizes the collusion between the permanent Washington Democrats, mainstream media, and big tech companies in promoting and covering up this agenda.

Gabbard calls on individuals to have the courage to stand up against this trend and protect children and the future.

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