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Good morning and welcome back on this Tuesday. Starting off with Laura, she will be tracking the weather for us today. Yesterday, we experienced a cool down with temperatures near 70, which was really nice. Today and tomorrow, we can expect to be closer to average temperatures with less wind.

Today will be the only dry day before rain chances start tomorrow. The rest of the week will continue to be cool with periods of sunshine. Taking a live look around Chicago, there isn’t much change in the weather compared to yesterday. The cameras show minimal wind, and we can already feel the coolness of the morning.

Temperatures have dropped by almost 10 degrees in the past 24 hours. Currently, we are seeing numbers in the upper 40s to low 50s in different areas such as Aurora, Dekalb, Morris, and Valparaiso. Moving on to Gary, it is currently 52 degrees with clear skies.

Although there are some clouds in the morning, we can expect to see some hours of sunshine before they thicken up in the afternoon and evening. Shower chances are expected late tonight and into Wednesday. The rain tomorrow will be on and off, with a total rainfall of about a tenth of an inch. It won’t be a significant rainfall, but the focus will be on the range of temperatures tomorrow. Looking ahead for the rest of the week, we can expect quiet and cooler weather.

For those attending the Bears game later this week, expect a little breeze and brisk temperatures. The kickoff forecast shows temperatures at 45 degrees at 7 PM, dropping to 43 degrees by 9 PM, and down to the low 40s by 11 PM. Today will be cool and comfortable with morning sunshine and increasing clouds in the afternoon. The high temperature for today will be around 53 degrees at O’Hare Airport, while Aurora will reach the mid-50s. Areas farther to the south and west may experience slightly milder temperatures.

The lake breeze will keep things cooler in that direction. Tonight, showers will develop with a low temperature of 46 degrees. Looking at the 7-day forecast, we can expect highs in the upper 50s tomorrow. Some areas south of Chicago may even reach the 70-degree mark on Wednesday. The weather will continue to be cooler and sunny heading into the weekend, with temperatures in the 50s on Saturday and Sunday..

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