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Tucker Carlson Talks with ‘Chicken Lady’ about Why She Doesn’t Drink Alcohol

In a recent episode of “Tucker Carlson Today” on Fox Nation, host Tucker Carlson sat down for an hour-long conversation with Tiara Soleim, also known as the “Chicken Lady.” The conversation covered a variety of topics, including Soleim’s love for chickens and why she doesn’t drink alcohol.

When asked about her decision not to drink, Soleim explained that she simply doesn’t see the good in it.

She also cited the expense and potential negative consequences as reasons for avoiding alcohol.

Despite social pressure to drink, Soleim has stuck to her personal convictions and is happy with her choice.

While the topic of alcohol may seem off-topic for a political show, Carlson and his team were excited to have Soleim on the show and explore a range of topics with her.

The “Chicken Lady” has been a favorite guest on the show in the past, and her recent appearance was no exception.

Viewers can catch the full conversation with Tiara Soleim, as well as other stories that are changing the world, on Fox Nation and the Fox News YouTube channel.

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