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In a shocking turn of events, Tucker Carlson, a prominent figure on Fox News, has been fired from the network after a high-profile case involving lies.

Fox News was forced to settle the case for a staggering record amount of $787 million.

Now, there is even more fallout as Carlson expresses his desire to “torch” his former employer.

Despite his dismissal, Carlson is not going quietly.

It is reported that he is preparing to launch an attack on Fox News with the help of his allies, aiming to bully the network that let him go.

Several outlets have reached out to Carlson, offering him more lucrative contracts than his previous one with Fox.

The public spectacle of this feud is striking, as it suggests that Fox News sees Carlson as a potential real competitor and threat.

The outlets vying for Carlson’s services are clearly not deterred by the damning texts that have been revealed, which align with his on-air behavior.

Interestingly, outlets like Rumble and Newsmax seem unfazed by Carlson’s controversial actions.

Salon, another outlet, suggests that they share content that is banned on other networks, indicating a willingness to embrace Carlson’s style.

Newsmax itself is currently facing a defamation case for propagating the same lies that led to Fox’s costly settlement.

This situation highlights a brewing storm in the media landscape, with unclear motives and leaked videos further complicating matters.

Some leaked videos feature Carlson discussing his own deposition in the case, revealing unflattering remarks.

His insults directed towards Fox Nation, the network’s streaming platform, have raised eyebrows internally but may not have the same scandalous impact in the wider conservative world.

As this saga continues, it becomes more than just a media story.

It raises questions about what is acceptable and encouraged in the industry.

Carlson’s efforts to escape his contractual obligations and return to the airwaves are under scrutiny, leaving many wondering who is attacking whom and whether he can leverage his allies and connections to achieve his goal.

The battle between Tucker Carlson and Fox News transcends mere entertainment, reflecting a larger debate about the boundaries and standards within the media industry.

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