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Liz Harrington, spokesperson for former President Donald Trump, praised his performance at a recent CNN town hall on Wednesday, stating that he “won over” the audience in attendance.

Harrington described Trump as being “calm, cool, and collected” during the event, and highlighted his ability to masterfully answer every question posed to him, despite the hostile media environment.

While Harrington did not personally watch the town hall due to her television commitments, she expressed confidence that Trump had received a fair opportunity to address the issues at hand.

She also acknowledged the impending challenges faced by Democrats, particularly in relation to the potential repercussions of Title 42 being rescinded without a suitable replacement, which could exacerbate the ongoing immigration crisis.

Harrington went on to discuss the role of the U.S.

dollar as the world’s reserve currency, dismissing concerns about its imminent loss of status.

She emphasized that even if such a scenario were to occur, it would be determined by global market dynamics and decisions made by various sovereign nations, rather than any single U.S.


Harrington criticized those who argue otherwise, pointing out the abandonment of the dollar by certain entities.

In conclusion, the article expressed appreciation to Liz Harrington for presenting her perspective on behalf of the Trump campaign and thanked her for participating in the discussion.

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