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Former President Donald Trump’s claims that he would be arrested on Tuesday in relation to the Manhattan DA’s investigation into hush money payments made to porn star Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 election, appear to have been walked back by a spokesperson for Trump.

In a statement, the spokesperson said that there is no notification that the D.A has decided to take the investigation to the next level, and that President Trump is rightfully highlighting his innocence and the weaponization of the “Injustice System”.

Daniels met with Manhattan prosecutors earlier this week and former Trump attorney Michael Cohen testified before a grand jury for about five hours about the hush money payment.

Cohen has admitted that he made the $130,000 payment to Daniels just before the 2016 election, which experts say could violate campaign finance laws.

Trump’s attorney claims that he paid off the porn star to protect his family.

It’s not clear whether Daniels would be called to testify, but she says she’s in a fight for truth and justice.

Cohen would be a star witness for the prosecution if this goes to trial.

Despite the ongoing investigation, Trump’s spokesperson says that he will continue with his presidential campaign and will be in Texas next weekend for a rally.

ABC News has not verified Trump’s claims and the Manhattan D.A.

has provided no comment.

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