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Former President Donald Trump engaged with New Hampshire voters during a CNN town hall event held in Manchester.

This appearance comes as Trump pursues the Republican nomination for president for the third time.

Moderators John and Ed fact-checked the former president throughout the evening, leading to some heated exchanges.

Despite the challenges, Trump found a receptive audience in New Hampshire, even eliciting laughter when he mocked the trial where he was found liable for sexual abuse.

During the town hall, Trump defended his controversial comments from the Access Hollywood tape, where he infamously suggested he could grope women.

He stood by his remarks, stating that such behavior had been true for a million years or more.

Trump also addressed the topic of abortion, expressing support for exceptions in cases of rape, incest, and the mother’s life.

However, he refrained from stating whether he would sign a federal abortion ban, instead deferring to his belief that President Trump, presumably referring to himself, would make the best decision for the country.

Throughout the event, host Caitlin Collins engaged in frequent sparring with Trump, attempting to elicit direct answers to her questions.

This resulted in testy moments, with Trump at one point calling her a “nasty person.” Despite numerous opportunities to accept the results of the 2020 election, Trump continued to make false claims and refused to take a side in the ongoing conflict between Ukraine and Russia.

Outside the town hall, voters from both sides and differing opinions remained steadfast in their positions.

Some accused Trump of spreading lies and being untrustworthy, while others defended him, claiming that the constant attacks only reinforced their support for him.

When asked if he would accept the results of the 2024 election, Trump did not provide a definitive answer.

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