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Former President Donald Trump’s recent appearance at a live CNN town hall has raised concerns following a New York jury’s ruling that found him liable for sexually abusing a woman nearly three decades ago and defaming her.

Bill O’Reilly, former Fox News host, commented on Trump’s decision to discuss the case at the town hall while avoiding the trial, stating that Trump “put himself in jeopardy.”

During the town hall, Trump discussed the allegations made by E.

Jean Carroll, emphasizing that he had never met her and had no knowledge of her identity.

He described a chance encounter with Carroll and claimed they had great chemistry.

Trump recounted entering a dressing room with Carroll, unaware that the door had locks.

Carroll later discovered this detail and questioned the behavior of someone who brings a person into a dressing room and engages in intimate activities within minutes of meeting them.

O’Reilly expressed his sympathy for Carroll’s husband and criticized Trump for trying to gain applause from the crowd with a reckoning of the story based on the nature of the allegation, especially when a jury had just found him liable.

O’Reilly emphasized that Trump should have testified in his own defense and faced the jury directly, rather than sharing his side of the story through television appearances and skipping the trial.

O’Reilly believed this decision put Trump at risk, although he acknowledged that the truth of what happened remains unknown.

O’Reilly also expressed his concerns about Trump’s focus, stating that the former president is obsessed with matters that are not important.

Instead, O’Reilly argued that Trump should be concentrating on advancing his political agenda and addressing the challenges faced by the country.

However, O’Reilly speculated that Trump’s obsession with irrelevant issues may be due to his dissatisfaction with President Biden’s performance, suggesting that Trump might consider running for the nomination again.

O’Reilly concluded by stating that Trump should have confronted the jury directly and firmly denied the allegations during his testimony.

The article highlights the reason why Trump has never testified in depositions, suggesting that he tends to make statements that could potentially trip him up, as evidenced in the recent deposition where he mistook a picture of Carroll for Marla Maples.

This example is presented as an extreme case that undermines Trump’s credibility.

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