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In a recent civil case in New York City, a federal jury has found former President Donald Trump not guilty of rape but liable for sexual abuse and defamation.

The plaintiff, E.

Jean Carroll, a writer and advice columnist, accused Trump of raping her in a luxury department store dressing room back in 1996.

Although her attorneys did not specify damages, the jury awarded Carroll $5 million.

During the trial, Trump did not testify but was deposed, and the deposition was played for the jury.

Trump and his legal team have consistently denied the allegations, claiming they were fabricated and that Carroll used the lawsuit to promote her recent memoir.

Trump took to his Truth Social media platform to express his disbelief, stating that he has no idea who Carroll is and calling the verdict a disgrace and part of what he calls the greatest witch hunt of all time.

It remains uncertain whether the former president will appeal the decision.

Meanwhile, Trump is scheduled to appear in a town hall forum on national television as part of his 2024 presidential run.

Recent polls suggest that Trump is pulling ahead of his Republican contenders, including President Biden.

The upcoming election could witness a rematch between Trump and Biden, or other contenders may emerge to challenge Trump’s bid.

In other news, the police in [location not provided] are currently involved in a separate matter.

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