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A civil jury in New York has found former President Donald Trump liable for sexual abuse and defamation in a trial brought by advice columnist E.

Jean Carroll.

The jury, composed of six men and three women, awarded Carroll $5 million in damages.

However, they rejected Carroll’s claims that she was raped by Trump.

Carroll testified that the incident occurred in a dressing room of a New York City department store in 1996.

During the trial, the jury watched the Access Hollywood tape, which captured Trump making controversial remarks about women just days before the 2016 election.

Trump denied the accusation, referring to it as a hoax.

This verdict holds significant weight as it is the first time a former U.S.

President has been found liable for both sexual abuse and defamation.

Trump’s attorney stated that they would be appealing the verdict, emphasizing that the case was primarily about a rape claim, which the jury rejected.

Trump, in response to the verdict, expressed his disbelief, calling it a disgrace and claiming to have no knowledge of Carroll.

He further announced his intention to appeal the decision.

This case has brought attention to the issue of holding former presidents accountable for alleged misconduct.

This historic ruling adds to the ongoing discussions surrounding sexual abuse and the legal consequences faced by individuals in positions of power.

The trial outcome could potentially have broader implications for future cases involving high-profile figures accused of similar offenses.

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