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Former President Donald Trump is set to appear on CNN for a two-hour town hall event in New Hampshire, just a day after a civil jury found him liable for sexually assaulting an advice columnist nearly thirty years ago.

The jury reached a verdict in less than three hours, ordering Trump to pay the columnist, Elizabeth Jean Carroll, five million dollars.

The civil case stemmed from an encounter between the two individuals in a Manhattan department store in the 90s, where Carroll alleges that Trump raped her in a dressing room.

Trump’s lawyers have already promised to appeal the decision.

In response to the verdict, Carroll released a statement expressing that the victory was not just for her but for every woman who has suffered because they have not been believed.

She is scheduled to give a full response in an interview later today.

The outcome of the civil case against the former president carries significant legal and political implications, especially as Trump considers another run for the White House in the upcoming year.

It marks the first time in history that a former president has been found liable for an abuse charge.

State Attorney Dave Aronberg explains that due to the statute of limitations, the case could not be pursued as a criminal matter but instead as a civil one, resulting in a five million dollar judgment against Trump.

The implications of this verdict for Trump and his presidential ambitions remain uncertain.

Supporters of Trump are left wondering if this outcome could impact his political prospects as he seeks to regain the White House.

Despite the verdict, Trump maintains his innocence and took to social media to express his disbelief, stating that he does not know who the woman is and calling the verdict a disgrace.

As the news unfolds, many are curious about the potential implications for Governor Ron DeSantis, whose stance on the matter is yet to be determined.

Only time will tell what the fallout from this verdict could mean for the former president and his presidential aspirations.

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